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Xacus Clothing Made in Italy

Nowadays, the Xacus brand excels in the field of Shirts and related fabrics. The brand boasts ancient traditions, proposing itself with constant creativity and continuous technological research to guarantee the top from the point of view of clothing. Unique creations, high-quality fabric cuts and finishes worthy of the best sartorial art are the focal points of the success achieved by this Italian company worldwide.

Xacus brand history

The Xacus brand has its origins in the year 1876 in the town of Albino in the province of Bergamo at the behest of the Cotonificio Albini, an already established leader in the manufacture of specific fabrics for shirts.

Nowadays, the company that has maintained its family character continues to reap successes thanks to the fifth generation of the aforementioned family which is made up of Silvio, Andrea, Stefano and Fabio Albini. Even the latter who have inherited the creativity of the founder continue to depopulate on the best world markets, thanks above all to the careful choice of yarns as well as the use of highly technological machinery capable of making fabrics from the preliminary processing phase to dyeing and all with high-quality and environmentally friendly products.

On the sidelines, it should also be added that these steps are carefully controlled and certified, to guarantee raw materials of great value and that allow the masters of tailoring to create shirts and dresses of the highest quality and typical of Made in Italy, which have always been at the top in this area.

The main collections of the Xacus brand

The Xacus brand, in addition to producing the raw material, that is to say, the yarns also produce some clothing items and in particular men's shirt models that are in great demand on the market. Among many, it is worth mentioning the one called Evolution Fit or a very comfortable shirt to wear, decidedly soft and ideal for those who love to dress in a refined and tailored way. This model from Xacus features, among other things, both the chest and the waist very comfortable as well as the armholes.

A side note should also be paid for the various types of collars that characterise these shirts which are available, in fact, both in typically classic shapes and in bold and contemporary designs. In the shirts section, however, Xacus also produces women's models, all in the name of the sartorial tradition and accompanied by original patterns and finishes that allow those who choose them to opt for different cuts and wearability, i.e. slim, regular and oversized, and above all fabrics, precious as silk.

To conclude this quick overview of the Xacus artefacts it shoul be included green flannel suit that is snapped up on the market and that is decidedly long with refined side slits, a polo-like collar and pockets on the sides.

Xacus is a brand suitable not only for those who wear shirts but for those who decide to wear elegance without giving up an urban and contemporary style.