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Welcome to the ecological world of Asportuguesas! On the Crush-store online shop you can find the best footwear for men and women of this brand at advantageous conditions, come and see them all!

Asportuguesas is a Portuguese footwear brand born with the aim of creating quality, sustainable and eco-friendly shoes for men and women. It is the first brand in the world to have made cork flip-flops, and which uses the 100% natural raw material that is recovered every nine years without the trees ever being cut down.

The brand is inspired by nature and with their unique choice of natural and recycled materials they are committed to giving back what nature provides them. Wearing this brand's footwear is one of the choices that lead to a more sustainable future. For Asportuguesas, protecting the environment is as important as making quality footwear. From the choice of materials to the way they make their shoes, the brand does everything in its power to use as few natural resources as possible.

By purchasing Asportuguesas you don't just buy a pair of beautiful and comfortable shoes, you make a lifestyle choice and take a position that goes beyond style and comfort: you are sure that you are helping to create a greener planet.

Asportugesas means:

Sustainable materials - Rubber and cork are combined with recycled materials and therefore the use of natural resources is minimized.

Negative Co2 release - The brand's entire production process generates minimal emissions, and thanks to the characteristics of the cork, the CO2 balance is negative, helping to create a much cleaner atmosphere.

Manual extraction - The cork extraction process is done by hand, the procedure is delicate and is performed by experienced workers.

Local economy - All the work is done by local workers, from mining to shoe manufacturing. This allows for more jobs to be maintained in more rural areas of the country.

Zero trees cut - The cork oak is regenerative, therefore every 9 years it can be extracted without damaging the plant and allowing it to live an average of 200 years.

Green at 360° - Displays, packaging and all materials used for communication are recycled or recyclable.

Buy Asportuguesas footwear now on our store we have a wide variety of footwear in many colors and available (while stocks last) in different numbers depending on the model. Made of rubber and cork, these quality shoes come in many different color combinations, from the simplest black, blue, gray and beige, to bright colors such as red and yellow.