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Invicta backpacks

Invicta (from the neutral plural of the Latin adjective invictus 'invincible') is an Italian manufacturer of bags and backpacks based in Leini, in the metropolitan city of Turin.

It was born in England in 1906 as a manufacturer of sacks for the navy and jute bags, before moving on in 1926 to a craftsman from Turin. During the sixties the company passed to the Turin entrepreneurs Giovanni, Mario and Vincenzo Garrino who, in this phase, made it known for the production of mountaineering accessories.

But the real popularity is reached in the eighties. In fact, in this period the Invicta company reached the peak of its success with the collections of school backpacks, mainly intended for a very young clientele, making them a real fashion object that would characterize all of the eighties and nineties.