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Sneakers Saucony

The brand was founded around 1898 in Pennsylvania and, over the years, this historic company has created shoes that are iconic in design with carefully selected materials. There are several models and colour combinations available, the structure has been designed to ensure the highest level of comfort.

Saucony is synonymous with Footwear

With a slightly vintage flavour, Saucony Shoes are aesthetically appealing, have a simple design that makes them versatile and perfect to be worn on any occasion. Over the years they have gained more and more acclaim among sneakers enthusiasts, becoming a real point of reference for streetwear fashion.
Saucony Sneakers were born as running shoes but, with time, they are becoming more and more established in the fashion world, becoming a very popular garment among trend lovers: perfect for those who never want to give up style, they represent the right compromise between quality and comfort. They are versatile shoes, with a feisty and modern character; structurally they have a design studied to guarantee optimal performance: the sole is extremely flexible and resistant, they are also equipped with special inserts that increase stability and firmness on the heel and toe.

Saucony Sneakers: style icons with an inimitable design

Colourful, performing and comfortable, the Saucony Shoes are youthful shoes, aesthetically unique and unmistakable: loved all over the world, they are becoming a real example of style and are appreciated by men and women of all ages as they adapt easily to any look and outfit.

Saucony Sneakers are designed in every detail to satisfy everyone's needs, from the largest to the smallest; they are shoes that, thanks to their structure, guarantee unprecedented comfort. There are numerous combinations available according to your tastes: the full and bright colours typical of Saucony are trendy, they are unique sneakers that, with their iconicity, have completely revolutionized street fashion. They are the perfect accessory to complete and embellish any type of look: with a pair of Saucony, you can play and have fun creating new combinations of styles and colours.

The models differ mainly in colours, in the choice of fabrics and external materials. They can be worn in free time, on vacation or at work: those proposed by Saucony are iconic shoes that continue to be trendy, they are the perfect sneakers for those who love to wear fully customisable colourful accessories.
The greatness of the Saucony is right in the vast assortment of models, a unique mix of colours and materials to match according to your needs.

Those looking for a simple shoe to adapt to more elegant and refined looks can choose Saucony Sneakers with more neutral colours, on the contrary, sportspeople who like to indulge themselves with more daring shoes can turn to more lively and particular colour combinations: there is something for everyone!