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Church's represents the British style in its most classic definition: an intergenerational myth that renews itself over time, confirming its immortality.

From the 17th century to the present day

Northampton, a famous English town known since the Middle Ages for the production of handcrafted leather shoes, was the birthplace of the adventure of the master shoemaker Anthony Church in 1617. From generation to generation, the art of shoemaking has been handed down until 1873, when Thomas Church founded Church & Co.

A real gem concerns the innovative spirit of the Church family: their son William will be the first in 1880 to distinguish the shoes on the right and left. Up to that moment, this difference did not exist and, even more revolutionary, it introduced the concept of half sizes. He won first prize at the Great Exhibition of 1881 with the Adapted boot.

The company spans the centuries and two world wars maintaining the classic English style of the elegant shoe, dressed by all the most important personalities in the world. A style that is still imitated and admired today, so much so that in 1999 Church's was bought by the Prada Group which preserves its style and spirit, enhancing its strengths in historical productions, with a look towards the future and innovation.

Church's men's shoes

The infamous Consul shoe is still produced today, a true status symbol of the brand and English shoes in general: classic pointed Oxford, based on the famous 173 last, with a minimal elegance, capable of attracting the world of the political establishment and the austere style of English gentlemen.
It is made of precious calfskin with a two-tone hand-painted sole, heel with rounded corner and golden logo. Today it is possible to customise it by choosing the colour, size and fit: from regular to extra comfortable, for lovers of made-to-measure shoes.

The collection also features numerous other classic shoe models for the classy man who likes to stand out. Among them are the Derby, Oxford and Monk Strap collections. They are suitable for great occasions, but also the elegant and professional style of every day.

Church's scarves

The brand does not miss the opportunity to produce a high-quality line of scarves, in wool or cashmere, to add a further level of sophistication to the men's winter look. Present in different colours, they complete elegant clothing in perfect British style.