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RRD Clothing

Roberto Ricci Design from which the acronym RRD of the brand, was born in Grosseto from the homonymous designer who loves surfing in all its versions (kitesurfing, windsurfing and standing up paddle).

The brand is the fashion rib of Ricci International which produces technical material for the above disciplines. In 1989, however, the evolution and technology of Ricci International materials meets the new inspiration of Roberto Ricci who gives life to a very high quality clothing brand, specialized in parkas, jackets, jackets, jackets and sweaters of very high textile technology and of great research of materials, from the primary source to every detail of the workmanship.

The winter storm outerwear is the precious piece of the collection, always new and always true to itself, it fully reflects the sober and good for all occasions elegance of RRD garments.