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The Fabi company, founded in 1965 by Enrico and Elisio Fabi, boasts an extraordinary tradition in the production of men's footwear. The techniques and innovations of the best Italian shoemaking school are handed down in the Monte San Giusto plant in the Marche region. This is combined with the use of the best modern technology and top quality materials (Eliso Fabi has always been recognized in the sector as one of the leading experts in selecting the best leathers).

The result is footwear that knows how to arouse emotions, comfortable and that last over time.

Fabi Flex Goodyear shoes

The flagship of Fabi production is the patented Flex Goodyear construction with which the historic Anglo-Saxon manufacturing of Goodyear is innovated. Thanks to the use of its unique and exclusive know-how and cutting-edge technologies, footwear is created with a self-modeling sole, robust and at the same time extremely flexible.

These soles are in fact composed of several layers of leather, cork and rubber capable of assuming the anatomical shape of the wearer's foot.