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Loafers for men: a timeless classic

The Men's moccasin it is an essential element in a male wardrobe that wants to be functional and with attention to the smallest details. A shoe suitable for every season, but optimal for spring, one of the most versatile and elegant shoes ever. Born as a spring or summer shoe, it is becoming a valid stylish alternative to lace-up shoes. Classic, elegant, eclectic at the same time, in one word: timeless. On Crush Store you will find the most suitable shoe to express your essence with style.

Men's moccasin: here's how to best match it

The most classic material is undoubtedly the leather , which makes the moccasin perfect for informal situations. However, models in recent years are also gaining ground soft fabrics for decidedly more informal events. The most effective combination with the moccasin is undoubtedly the straight-leg and not too tight-fitting trousers. Alternatively, for a more casual look, jeans lend themselves very well to recreating a more comfortable and casual outfit.

Sock yes or sock no? This is the Hamletic doubt of moccasin lovers, there are those who opt for an uncovered ankle and those who, on the contrary, do not want to give up the comfort of the sock. A fair compromise has emerged from the latest collections, the use of socks with imaginative textures , especially in winter that adapt to the outfit completing and enriching it.