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Gallo: the history of the brand

Gallo is an Italian company founded in Milan in 1927. Towards the end of the Thirties, however, it moved to the vicinity of Lake Garda and more precisely to Desenzano. The excellent quality of the materials and the prestigious workmanship made the company a point of reference in a short time.

Initially, the maison was exclusively dedicated to the production of socks for men, children and babies. Only later, Gallo began producing accessories for women as well, completely transforming itself.

Thanks to the constant commitment, the brand has managed to combine the charm of Italian craftsmanship with industrial production. The selection of fine materials, accurate workmanship and the use of cutting-edge machinery, together with the most classic Bentley looms, have allowed him to create products of excellent quality using ancient processing techniques that would otherwise be lost.

Only at the end of the nineties, and more precisely in 1998, the company was further renewed. The aim was to satisfy the needs of customers who no longer bought socks only out of necessity but also as a habit.

This change in the market gave rise to the production of colourful accessories. Thus were born the first patterned models with multicoloured stripes and plays of contrasts. This revolution made it possible to make the brand even more recognisable. The classic and rigorous style that made Gallo famous was thus also accompanied by a more lively and sparkling look.

In the wake of these innovations, the Collection line was launched, colourful and innovative, which allowed the company to establish itself in the market thanks to a wide and varied proposal, designed for those who love the classic style but also for those who want to enhance the sock, making it a glamorous accessory to show.

Made in Italy elegance: patterned socks

Among the must-have pieces of the Gallo collections, the eclectic patterned socks cannot be missing. Stripes, polka dots or patterned, are undoubtedly the elements that distinguish the brand both for what concerns the men's and women's collections.

The patterned socks in addition to the classic decorations are also embellished with Christmas designs, animals, Greek, letters and much more. The long sock or knee-highs thus become a glamorous and nice accessory to be included in the look of the modern elegant man.