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Premiata Clothing

A long history that of Premiata, which today Graziano Mazza, the CEO, carries on with honor and professionalism, who is leading the company towards the future and towards a phase of expansion.

Almost a hundred years after its foundation, Graziano took over the family leather goods and in 1991 gave life to the Premiata brand, with a modernization and restructuring of the entire company. Since then, the brand has also developed internationally, and today it sees sales outlets in Milan, Berlin, South Korea, St. Petersburg and Tokyo.

Premiata Foundation

The long history of Premiata dates back to the 19th century, given that the company was founded in Montegranaro in 1885. A wonderful period in which all the people of the area were interested and involved in the production processes of the footwear chain, and still today this territory it is renowned for its productions in the leather goods and footwear sectors.

Once Graziano joined the family business in 1981, he decided to overcome some development barriers and to aim at an industrialization of production, purchasing new machinery and equipment, adopting new production techniques without however losing the know-how. how handcrafted. New freedom also from a creative point of view, with changes in design that have allowed the company to enter the fashion segment. In 1991 the Premiata brand was born, inspired by the Belgian School, with a dark and twisted minimalism and the connections between the classic style of handmade products and work shoes.

Premiata winning leader in the sneaker industry

Premiata sneakers are a high quality product, made by an Italian brand known for its attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. These trainers feature a modern and contemporary design, with great attention to functionality and comfort. The design of Premiata sneakers is often characterized by original details, such as the logo and contrasting side details, visible stitching and matching color laces. These details give the shoes a unique and distinctive look.

Premiata sneakers are ideal for people looking for a mix of style and functionality. Thanks to their high-quality construction and attractive design, these shoes are suitable for many occasions, from work to sports.

Premiata Shoes 

Premiata is an Italian brand of high quality footwear, known for its attention to detail, the use of fine materials and craftsmanship. Premiata shoes are designed to meet the needs of those who want to combine style and comfort.

The brand offers a wide range of models, from classic moccasins to the trendiest sneakers, passing through elegant formal shoes. Each pair of Premiata shoes is made with care, using materials such as leather, suede, canvas and rubber.

Premiata shoes are appreciated for their versatility and their ability to adapt to any occasion. From casual to more formal looks, Premiata is able to satisfy every style requirement.