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Green George English style shoes and Made in Italy quality

The history of the Green George brand and classic shoes is synonymous with Italian excellence and the desire to demonstrate that with simplicity it is possible to combine one's passion with a successful brand.

The history of the Green George brand Dino Granatelli, a shoemaker who worked in a small company in Montegranaro, located in the Marche region, had a simple dream, that is to offer his customers the opportunity to wear perfectly styled shoes made of genuine hand-carved leather, with all the details, which increased the aesthetic value of the aforementioned footwear.

In 1971 Dino began to carve his first shoes and to listen to the customer and his needs, looking for solutions that were really fitting to all the requests expressed and above all to make sure that satisfaction could be painted on the faces of the clients.

But the small shop seemed to be too tight for the craftsman, who therefore decided to found a shop called Green George, whose goal was to produce lace-up shoes for men and leather and leather shoes that had a very important detail in common, i.e. the manual skill in the realisation.

From the small village in the Marche begins an adventure that brings the Green George brand to make itself known throughout the peninsula.

If the shoemaker Dino initially worked for a selected clientele, but not too numerous, over time the craftsman succeeded in expanding his target and this thanks to comfortable lace-up shoes different from the classic ones.

Listening to the customer's needs remained the real priority of the founder of the brand who, after ten years, could rely on the collaboration of his son Andrea. Together the two succeeded in making his company famous throughout Europe.

All this without overshadowing the simple, but important, philosophy adopted by the company, that is to make sure that each customer finds in these lace-up shoes the right union between unique style and maximum comfort as well as the presence of all the fundamental characteristics required in work assignment phase.

Thanks to these parameters, the Green George brand, as well as its lace-up shoes, has become a reference point for all those who intend to wear a model of lace-ups that fit perfectly on their feet.

The historical models of the Green George brand

The Italian brand Green George is especially aimed at men who intend to wear shoes with a unique style, helping them to complete an elegant look and giving life to a perfect style.

Among the models that have written the history of these shoes, the Derby certainly stands out, that is the laced shoe typical of men who want to create a classic and elegant look, but who also need to be comfortable in everyday life.