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Tooco Beachwear

Tooco is synonymous with beach, sand, sea, impossible waves, parties and lots of fun. Beachwear has never been so alive with Tooco.

Tooco Beachwear: an explosion of colours for unique Swimsuits

Tooco's collections may seem Australian or Californian due to their familiarity with the sea, surfing and other water sports and instead are 100% Made in Italy. They are born from the inspiration of the many travels of its creator, from the music and from the memories that summarised together take shape in the Tooco brand.

Florida, New Zealand and Africa are perceived in these Bermuda Shorts: the brand promotes a collection of truly unique Boxers and the brand has quickly conquered the world market, becoming a must for lovers of wild waves and carefree beach life.

The prints used for the models, which are inspired by Maori tribal cultures and Indians, manage to strike the imagination as few other beachwear items can. Not only are Tooco's Bermuda Shorts made from premium materials that allow for quick-drying, polyester and mesh, but they are real eye candy. Agadir, Guerrero, Cheyenne, are some of the names of the brand's products, all extremely colourful and unique in the patterns used.

The peculiarity of Tooco Swimwear is that they are equipped with two side pockets and one back, the maximum comfort for those who wear them. A Bermuda swimsuit must certainly dry quickly but just as quickly it must be washed to be able to leave immediately for new adventures. The fabric is machine washable and does not risk being damaged: resistance is another top quality of the Tooco world.

Swimwear to wear… not just at the beach

Tooco Boxers are so special that they can be easily worn as real Shorts or Bermuda Shorts: the design features and the presence of the pockets allow you to show them off even just for a walk by the sea or to the pub in the evening after a day spent among the roaring waves.

Tooco guarantees to be stylish and original, thanks to the wealth of details with which he creates his Bermuda Costume. Youth, freedom and lightheartedness are the main characteristics of the brand for a sporty, nonconformist, rebellious and reckless man who loves to travel and does not miss any strong emotions that nature allows. Tooco has summer in its heart and expresses it in all its original collection and suitable for anyone who recognises themselves in its values.