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People of Shibuya

People Of Shibuya for Men's

The History PEOPLE OF SHIBUYA People of Shibuya is a fashion company founded in 2011 that deals with minimalistic clothing. Shortly thereafter, they broke out of the technical and styleless clothing bubble and made their debut in the world of high fashion.

In 2015 they officially entered the spotlight with Pitti Uomo during the Premium Fashion Week held in January. The latter belongs to Golden Season, an Italy-based company that also owns sportswear brand At.P.Co and Cochrane.

Their jackets are characterized by minimal Italian design, extremely performing materials and functional internal linings because they are detachable. The garments are versatile, but meet the need of modern explorers to rediscover the values ​​of a timeless, elegant aesthetic that opens up through innovative elements. They are characterized by persistent technological research that integrates with innovative solutions with an impeccable fit, ensuring exceptional comfort in every respect: both for business and for outdoor activities.

All jackets are made up of three layers of technical and breathable 380 polyester ripstop fabric doubled on the inside with an anti-drop mesh and covered on the outside with a milky resin, which makes it water-repellent, windproof and stain-resistant.

To date, the brand is distributed throughout Europe, but the future plan also includes its expansion in the United States, Canada and Japan.