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Men's jeans: always synonymous with versatility and resistance

The Men's jeans , the most versatile garment ever, resistant, comfortable and, if necessary, a bridge between elegant and casual style. Surely the garment that everyone should have in their wardrobe, a garment that is now part of everyone's daily life and which it would be impossible to give up. Crush Store has carefully selected the brands that have made the history of this garment.

Crush Store Jeans and Denim from classic to casual

The high sartorial experience meets the iconic garment in the manufacturing of men's jeans Tramarossa and in the denim production of Mark Pescarolo . The latter is among the best examples of Neapolitan tailoring and points of reference for Made in Italy craftsmanship, both in Italy and abroad. It is a modern and dynamic collection, but at the same time classic to adapt to everyone's style.

Courage, strength and imagination transpire from the collections Levi's , these are men's jeans that aim to become the expression tool of the wearer's personality, a dynamic and avant-garde lifestyle.

Not everyone knows that Roy Rogers is the Made in Italy brand that started the diffusion of blue jeans in Italy, a brand that has made men's jeans trousers its flagship garment through collections that fit everyone perfectly and are able to adapt to each age group