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Jacob Cohen: Made in Italy luxury Denim

Jacob Cohen is a brand that was born in 1985 thanks to Tato Bardelle, who wanted to offer the world a brand capable of combining comfort with contemporaneity. From the very beginning, the company became a leader in the luxury denim sector, effectively launching a new world where denim was considered something casual.

In 2003, thanks to Nicola Bardelle, son of Tato, Jacob Cohen finally began to establish himself in luxury stores, alongside the "sacred giants" of fashion. Among the main strengths of the brand, some inimitable and easily identifiable characteristics must absolutely be mentioned.

Among these, we undoubtedly find convenience, comfort and high quality of the fabrics used. Nothing is left to chance because Jacob Cohen garments are characterised by an exclusive, elegant and refined design.

The basic idea of the brand is to create casual clothing lines that can also adapt perfectly to more formal occasions, with men's jeans that have a tight, slim and skinny fit, highlighting the masculine physicality and wearing the pants even with a more sophisticated blazer.

Jacob Cohen jeans stand out for their extremely comfortable fit, combined with prestigious fabrics, as well as precious details such as particular buttons and other distinctive features that give identity to the garment and the wearer.

In all Jacob Cohen creations, there is a harmonious fusion between tradition and innovation, past and future, highlighting the Made in Italy philosophy. The production processes respect the craftsmanship of the past, with skilful manual processing combined with sophisticated modern technologies.

In addition to this, the brand, since its origins, has always shown deep attention to the issue of environmental protection and consumer health. This is why only dyes of natural origin are used for the creation of the garments, while the colour fixing processes are carried out without resorting to chemical processes.

The Jacob Cohen brand was the first to use certain materials and accessories for the creation of 5-pocket jeans, so much so that it became a real source of inspiration for numerous brands born later.

Today, the brand makes its collections available in over 400 boutiques in Italy and other 1,500 points of sale in different countries around the world.

The unique and recognisable style

Jacob Cohen denim garments are characterised by careful attention to raw materials, but also capable of reflecting contemporary trends.

Today Jacob Cohen clothing is intended for demanding customers who love quality garments, with high-level sartorial finishes, made with care, rich in details and details that allow you to show your personality.

Jacob Cohen masterfully expresses these concepts through denim clothing lines characterised by refined colours, original finishes and finished with elements that allow you to immediately recognise the signature.

Jeans are versatile trousers that are mainly interpreted by the wearer. For this reason, over the years they have transformed from work clothes to real must-haves in your wardrobe, ready to combine with tailored jackets for elegant outfits or with t-shirts and shirts for more casual and informal moods.