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The Roy Rogers History

Roy Rogers is a renowned Italian clothing brand, famous for its blue jeans. The history of this brand dates back to the post-war years when the USA launched denim, the material with which jeans-cut trousers will be made.

In 1949 the adventure of the Roy Rogers company began, when Francesco Bacci, who would become its founder, left for America with a suitcase full of dreams. Thanks to the Americans, Bacci knows better about denim, a hard and resistant fabric, suitable for overalls and workwear.

However, on his return to Italy, he encountered many difficulties in sewing such fabric with the machines he had at his disposal. Bacci leaves again and this time he goes to Germany, to get the tools suitable for that new and inspiring material for him. Bringing the machines to Italy makes them anonymous, limiting the brand, so as not to provide relevant information to competitors.

It is said that the name of the brand is due to a meeting of Francesco Bacci in West America. There he met a tailor, like himself a peddler, who crossed prairies and stayed on ranches long enough to fix the clothes of the locals. His name seems to have been Roy Rogers.

In 1952 the first Made in Italy jeans in original denim appeared, which were precursors of the infinite versions that will be born in the following years, up to the present day.

Roy Rogers wears Denim

Roy Rogers jeans became famous for their characteristic 5 pockets, including the small front one for coins, and the presence of zippers on the back ones, to keep the wallet safe.

The name Roy Rogers has always been associated with denim, a pioneer product in the sector and one of a kind given all the precautions and elements that distinguish them. Among the latter, one cannot fail to refer to the brand logo, a small black triangle sewn on the right back pocket.

Nowadays everyone, from the smallest to the most mature men, has at least one pair of blue jeans in the closet. Roy Rogers with the Men's Denim category knows how to satisfy the tastes and needs of buyers.

Over the years, the brand has never abandoned denim and has always dedicated itself to it with innovation and the desire to satisfy its customers. This fabric has thus been modelled and taken on various shapes, each with its own peculiarities, each a unique piece.

Currently, the Roy Rogers denim line stands out with its exclusively Italian-made jeans, available in models: skinny, slim, carrot and regular. Among the first, there are those with a medium life, with loops and salpa applied on the back. Then there is the slim model, always medium-waisted with two American pockets on the front and two on the back with the Roy Rogers label applied. For those who prefer comfort and a more casual style, there are the regulars. Finally, the carrot, a garment that follows fashion, with hand-made tears, scratches and whiskers on the front, for those who want to indulge themselves with an alternative look, which is subtle but at the same time with a strong impact.