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Diesel: the history of denim enclosed in a brand

Diesel is a clothing brand that became famous, first in Italy and then all over the world, for the originality and unparalleled quality of its garments.

It all began thanks to the genius of Renzo Rosso who, since childhood, has cultivated his great passion for the world of textiles and fashion. Renzo's first important experience took place in Adriano Goldshmied's company, where he began as a production technician and then, in 1978, became a partner, giving life to the Diesel brand.

The name Diesel was born from the idea of universality and the desire to give rise to a label with a name that is easy to pronounce all over the world. Since its foundation, the brand has been the protagonist of incredible growth, first in the denim sector and then establishing itself in the world of casual clothing, becoming the main alternative to traditional luxury brands.

Despite its success, the Diesel philosophy has always remained the same: to make the passion for denim, and for fashion in general, the instrument of expression of one's personality. The revolution in the concept of using jeans, which thanks to this brand is no longer contained only in the casual sphere, has allowed Diesel to establish itself on the international market. Customers are no longer simply offered sophisticated items, but a new lifestyle is proposed, contained in the famous slogan "for successful living".

An offer made of courage and imagination, in perfect Diesel style

The success of these jeans, both professionally and commercially, has inevitably left its mark on the world of fashion and design. The Diesel collection is varied and, both in terms of models and colours, there is always plenty of choices: blue is present through a multitude of shades, from the darkest to the lightest. Then there are a series of colours of various kinds, such as white, black, red, beige and even green. Diesel cannot say no to any of its customers' needs and the catalogue is proof of this.

But Diesel is not just jeans! The brand offers many other items of clothing such as sweatshirts, hair, t-shirts and jackets for every need. Backpacks, for him and her, in various models and fabrics, comfortable and capacious, but at the same time fashionable, complete the denim-style outfit.