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Elegant Men's Jackets: choose the style!

For those looking for an elegant look but don't want to throw themselves on the usual suit, elegant jackets are undoubtedly a valid alternative: in different materials, styles and colors they satisfy the needs of every modern man.

There Men's Blazer Jacket it can be easily combined: with jeans, if the desired style is casual, for a day in the office or a business appointment, or with trousers, thus creating an elegant but at the same time modern and youthful two-piece suit.

What colors to choose for elegant jackets? It depends on the tastes and the seasons! Timeless classics are undoubtedly black, blue and gray: three passepartout colors to always keep in your wardrobe and which can be easily combined with a shirt, trousers and tie.

Crush Store Men's Jackets

Crush Store offers the modern man a wide variety of elegant jackets and blazers to combine as he pleases. marshmallow , Sun68 , Woolrich , Manuel Ritz , Lardini , Latorre tailoring , LBM 1911, Beard and Tombolini are the brands that stand out in this store: tailoring, elegance and quality of materials are the watchwords for wearing quality products.

How to choose the right jacket

To find the jacket that fits your figure, you need to take into consideration a number of elements. The classic models, for example, are characterized by variations that affect the style and wearability: among these, the slits, the collar, the pockets, the length. Tall and slender men can opt for long-sleeved and double-breasted jackets, which barely reveal the casual or elegant shirt to match. Furthermore, the length should be slightly greater, so as to make the legs appear less short and to give proportion to the silhouette, while the side slits help to give the idea of ​​a harmonious and full figure. The single-breasted, essential and linear, is recommended for men with a stockier figure, who should also avoid showy colors and flaring shapes. Sports jackets, with straight lines, look good on everyone.